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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  July 19, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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trafficwise. >> i'm not complaining about anything, how's that? i'm just happy on this tuesday morning. >> exactly. >> weatherwise, let's go. except for hydeck, i'll complain about mike. checking that calendar off. we've got warmth, stickiness, a hot, humid day with the threat for a few thunderstorms. here's a look at our day planner. temperatures will quickly climb toward 91 by noon. air quality expected to be moderate today which is a little bit better than yesterday. right now, 80. high today around 95 with a chance for a few thunderstorms at times. we've been watching action trying to sink south out of pennsylvania. it has missed us during the overnight. look at this cluster headed toward west virginia. that's going to clip western maryland. still so far, generally dry and warm. look at the temperatures. 70s to 79 philly. 74 in norfolk. ocean city, 78. locally, mid to upper 70s. 78 in arlington. again, watch out for a few storms this afternoon.
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could be strong. highs 90 to 95. angie, over to you. thank you, howard. as mike had mentioned, we're waking up to some things that will definitely slow some of you drivers down. good tuesday morning. yellow light begins. silver spring, we take the shot live, courtesy of our photographer kevin king. this is out near 29 colesville road. the roadway obviously still shut down between sligo creek parkway and franklin road. a heavy police presence here. we're hearing that this accident that happened around midnight does involve a police officer. as you can imagine, they'll spend some time investigating this. we're hearing from officials they don't plan to reopen the roadway until at least 7:00 this morning. as a result, you'll want to consider using georgia avenue as your alternate. we'll stay on top of it. let's move it over near frederick. eastbound route 340, all lanes remain blocked. this is another crash we're watching near route 17. as we take a wide view of our map. other parts of the region, checking out a-ok.
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we focus on into north of the district. this is the capital beltway. outside, the cameras reveal from 95 over to 270, we're moving at speed. still ahead, taking a look at your travel times. andrea and mike, back to you. today, joggers and cyclists using the metropolitan branch trail will have people watching over them. >> indeed, a string of crimes recently along the eight mile trail which runs from union station to silver spring. 9news now reporter surae chinn is live in northeast d.c. with more on the story and just how many people are going to be helping out today. good morning, surae. >> guardian angels will be here. they'll arrive around 6:00, in about an hour from now. they've teamed together about half a dozen of them to patrol this trail after some recent attacks, disturbing attacks that have happened since may. there have been at least seven robberies and assaults happening on the metropolitan branch trail, the most recent robbery happened yesterday morning at about 9:30 in broad
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daylight. a gunman held up a man riding his bike. another similar robbery fitting the suspect's description similar to that one happened on friday. it made people who use the trail more cautious. it makes me wonder if anything is going to happen. i ride the trail most days and so far i have been fine. i would hope that would continue. well, this is surveillance video you're looking at from friday. two people walking there, the suspect in a white shirt. the victim in a dark shirt. he's a college intern. the robbery took place around 8:00 in the morning on friday. and it happened out of view from cameras but the suspect then breaks out in a run. allegedly, after the crime. so, people hopefully will recognize this person, call police, right now though, guardian angels will be here this morning and hopefully we'll talk to them later on
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this morning. back to you. surae, do we know how long they're staying? are they going to stay for today? or do we not know yet? >> they'll be here from 6:00 to 9:00 in the morning then they scheduled two days out of the week for the morning and also at night on wednesdays and thursdays, mike. >> surae chinn live in northeast. thank you, surae. >> carjacking, stealing guns, child pornography, some of the crimes committed by 28-year-old jason thomas scott from upper marlboro. a federal jury convicted him on 11 felony charges. the crimes took place more than 50 burglars and nine armed home invasions he committed. scott is also facing murder charges in the 2009 deaths of dolores dewitt and her daughter, enin i. they were found in a burned car in largo. a fire that destroyed several boats at the yacht club, you statue here yesterday morning. four boats are a total loss and a fifth was badly damaged. the yacht club will also have to replace a large section of
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its pier. the total damage is estimated at $1 million. well, is it a group of vandals or a bunch of copycats responsible for lurid graffiti? police are trying to find out. the latest incident was over the weekend at north bethesda middle school. the vandals were interrupted when an alarm at the school went off. last week, police found similar racial and sexual slurs in spencerville and in rockville. two political operatives who worked on former maryland governor rob ehrlich's campaign last year have pleaded not guilty. julia henson and paul sherrick are accused of orchestrating the election day calls which prosecutors say were intended to suppress democratic voter turnout. the calls claim democratic governor martin o'malley had won re-election and there was no need to vote. most of the calls went to voters in prince george's county and in baltimore. it is money time. >> jessica doyle is here with the preview of the day ahead on wall street. >> that's right.
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earnings season, of course, is rolling on. big numbers this week and we've got apple in focus today. the tech giant expected to hand in another blockbuster quarter. wall street is also waiting on some new economic data and the hope here is the reports are strong enough to get investor's minds off of the debt problems here at home. and in europe. checking the numbers on wall street, the dow standing at 12,385. plus another -- lost another 94 points in trading yesterday. nasdaq was down by 24 points. s&p 500 was off by 10. as the debate over the debt ceiling rages on, the house will vote for a plan backed by the tea party. it would let the government borrow another $2.4 trillion but only after big and immediate spending cuts and adoption by congress of a constitutional amendment that would require a balanced budget. the plan is doomed in the democratic-controlled senate after the bill stalls, senate leaders are likely to try to advance a bipartisan plan to give the president sweeping
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powers to order an increase in the borrowing cap. american express is jumping into the daily deals arena. it is launching a facebook app with personalized coupons. this is similar to groupon and living social but you don't have to pay up-front. instead, cardholders will simply click to add the deals they like to their amex accounts. amex app will compete with the likes of deal chicken owned by gannett, the parent company of wusa 9 but when i buy my cheap massages or whatever i'm buying on groupon or living social, i'm just putting it on my credit card anyway. >> it is the middle person almost. >> what do you have coming up for us? >> you think parking here in the district is expensive, we'll take you around the country. it is a little more expensive. >> they feel our pain. >> thanks, jess. a mother files a lawsuit claiming what she ate caused a positive drug test that led to social services removing her
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baby. we'll have more on that coming up. >> plus, for the second time this month, a massive storm leaves a coating of dust over parts of arizona. >> and take heart nets fans, pitcher takes a major step in his controversy from tommy john surgery. we'll be back.
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it is a warm, sticky morning out there. 70, around 80. in western maryland, cumberland, pretty good storm may head toward you in the next half hour or so. for the rest of us, partly to mostly cloudy. looking at the day planner, it will be a sticky day. a hot day. with a threat for a few storms,
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some of which could be strong to severe. 94 by 3:00 with a high right around 94, 95. now over to angie with the latest look on timesaver traffic. >> thanks, hb. we're taking a look at 95 in maryland. making the southbound trip, no problems to report early through laurel, all the way down to 495. we have a look across the region coming up at 5:09. back to you. thank you, angie. making news at 5:10, a pennsylvania mothers that filed a federal lawsuit against her county's child and youth services department. for taking away her infant son. eileen bower claims her drug test came back positive because she ate poppy seeds before going into labor. poppy seeds contain tiny amounts of morphine. >> a federal judge will allow families of the victims in the 2009 plane crash to pursue unlimited punitive damages. 50 people died concontinental flight crashed near buffalo, new york.
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flight operator which was based in manassas, virginia, at the time, argued that virginia's punitive cap of $350,000 should apply. a dirty and time-consuming cleanup job awaits thousands of people in phoenix, arizona. another massive dust storm rolled through the city yesterday, coating everything outside with a layer of dirt. the storm also cut down visibility, causing flight delays. this morning, rupert murdoch is facing more heat over that phone hacking scandal. we'll have more on the media mogul's testimony before british parliament coming up. >> the latest on new support for the city paper in its defense against the lawsuit from redskins owner dan snyder. next at 5:14, we'll see if howard has any relief from the heat in his seven-day forecast. [ male announcer ] act mouthwash restores enamel and makes teeth up to 2 times stronger. act. stronger teeth and fresher breath in every bottle.
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>> good morning. thanks for waking up with us. mr. bernstein is here. we're holding off before the triple digits one more day? >> we're working up to it. >> gain speed. >> kind of like the warm-up before the big run or the big game. gotta stretch out. >> preseason. >> thinking football. preseason. >> i like that. >> they'll be on the field saturday. >> maybe it is going to happen.
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>> weatherwise, looks like 100 degrees is going to happen one of the days before the week is out if not one or two before the week is out. that's the way things are looking. haven't changed our thinking at all from yesterday. however, as we get toward oh, maybe sunday and monday, perhaps a front comes through and gives us much-needed relief. our day planner for you on this steamy, steamy tuesday morning. we'll be in the low 80s by 8:00. already 80 at reagan national. we may dip to 78 or 79. 91 here by noon with winds today, west to northwesterly. 6 miles per hour by noon and you'll notice some thunderstorm symbols here. we'll have a threat for a few storms. some of which could be strong to severe. if you have some outside plans today, stay hydrated. try to stay cool. it is only going to get worse here as we head toward the end of the week. big thunderstorms this morning coming out of ohio and southwestern pennsylvania. approaching western maryland. zoom live doppler 9000 hd up toward -- here's cumberland,
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219. you can see the storm trying to drift off to the south. watch out, allegheny county, perhaps eastern garrett county. you may see this. as this drops toward you. for the rest of us, fairly quiet and fairly warm. 77 at pax river naval air station. here in washington, 80. no surprise. temperatures and humidity levels this high that, we can support thunderstorms even at this hour of the morning. dew points at 70. that's way up there. a lot of low level moisture and the heat advisories and heat warnings have shifted just a little bit farther to the east now covering much of the northern plains into the midwest. michigan, western ohio, heat advisories as the heat is building east. we expect to hear the high heat potentially thursday, friday and saturday. the. >> the big ridge covers the middle of the country with the high heat extending up toward the border. it won't be a problem. for us though, with the northwesterly flow, any
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disturbances from michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, will sink south toward us. that's what we're watching this morning. we're also going to watch with the daytime heating, the leftover boundaries will pop up during the afternoon with some showers and storms. this is a computer model so while some of the models has it maybe more to the west, there's no arguing we may see some showers and storms pop on top of us here this afternoon. tonight, things quiet down and then we'll bubble up more storms wednesday afternoon before clearing out more for thursday and friday. that means triple digit heat. stay cool. find a place to be cool. don't forget your pets and even your elderly neighbor, please check on them. 94 today and tomorrow with scattered thunderstorms. hotter on thursday around 100. we're talking nighttime lows only around 70 to 80. your body will have a good opportunity to cool off. potentially by sunday and monday, with some -- we'll be back toward 90.
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angie? >> double finger crossed out there. hey, everybody, 17 minutes after the 5:00 hour, we've got the yellow light on. crash activity. the investigation that we continue to follow out in the silver spring area. we're live from the scene. 29 colesville road. heavy police presence here on the ground. the roadway is closed between sligo creek parkway and franklin avenue. georgia avenue will be your best bet throughout the morning rush. we're hearing from officials they don't plan to reopen this until at least 7:00 this morning. more crash activity near frederick. over to the real time graphics we go. eastbound 340 at 17, we're still losing all lanes out this way. a wider view of the area reveals other parts of the region checking out ok. we zoom on into virginia's 95 northbound travelers want to let you know outsidetracking the cameras, no problems from the prince william parkway over to the mixing bowl. as for your travel times quickly on the outer loop, things are moving from 95 over to 270. southbound 95, no problems to the beltway. the inner loop moving at speed
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from route 4 pennsylvania to the wilson bridge. still ahead, taking a look at 66. that's at 5:17. over to you. we have a commuter alert now about a popular parking garage. a construction project is cutting down the number of available spaces at the largo town center parking garage on metro's blue line. about 300 of the garage's 2200 space will be impacted. metro suggests customers try parking at nearby stations like addison road on the blue line or landover on the orange line. >> 5:19. the best pro sports team in d.c. is the washington capitals. >> pretty darn good they are. >> nationals break a tie in the ninth to return to .500 on the season. highlights coming up in sports. >> it is time to take a look at the question of the morning. >> this food can be found in 90% of the homes in america. what do you think it is? >> here's a look at a response you posted on the
5:20 am page. jessica wrote i would say all of them but mmm, frozen pizza. >> it is in my freezer. log on to and leave your response. we'll reveal the answer in our 6:00 hour. ♪
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good morning, everybody! 47 wins, 48 losses for the nats. that's downright decent! the question is how do they go from decent to good? and the answer for most people is two words. strasburg and harper. when these two guys get here, the nats will truly be ready to compete. that day got closer. steven strasburg threw a simulated game on monday. his first since that tommy john surgery. he faced live hitters, paused between innings as if it were a
5:24 am
real game. his velocity was good but he wouldn't reveal the exact number on the radar gun. he will likely pitch in the minors and could rejoin the nats in september. the big club in houston, ryan zimmerman is getting warmer. number five for the franchise. ties the game at 2. same score when he came up in the ninth. good hitters find holes. roger scores. nats win 5-2. they're back to .500. >> it has been six months since daniel snyder filed his libel suit against the washington city paper. yesterday, the aclu along with wusa and more than a dozen media organizations filed a brief asking that snyder quickly prove his libel claims or that the case be dismissed. the organizations believe that snyder's case is frivolous, vindictive and motivated by his displeasure with what the paper has written. some believe snider is trying to drag it out is he could bleed the city pape near
5:25 am
bankruptcy. this brief attempts to avoid that. that's a quick look at sports this morning. i'm brett haber. have a great tuesday, everybody. now to other hot team in washington, the castles. they're less than hospitable on the court. they maintain their perfect season knocking off the sacramento capitals to go 11-0. castles have guaranteed home- court advantage throughout the playoffs. there are some new allegations against d.c. mayor vincent gray's campaign that don't involve sulaimon brown. details on that coming up. >> if you've invested in gold before this week, you're a little richer now. 5:25. here's angie. >> thank you, andrea. >> we're taking a look at 66 headed eastbound through haymarket to manassas to the parkway. a check on roads at 5:24. you're watching 9news now. [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters
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welcome back to 9news now. good morning. it is 5:29. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. we'll show you later we have a live studio audience. we'll explain that in a bit. >> we want to take this time -- i'm angie, by the way. >> in case you don't know. >> we'll get a little help with our traffic report around 5:45. look who's standing by. anna beth is from davisburg. she goes to holton arms school. we're so excited to have you join us. >> angie has been teaching her the wave. >> she's got it down. looking forward to that. >> we may steal her for weather later on, too. >> speaking of weather, hope you like it warm and sticky and hot and sticky because that's what we're going to get. whether you like it or not, it is coming. it will get worse before it gets better. our day planner for you on this tuesday morning, it is only tuesday morning. 80 degrees still at reagan national. we'll be 91 by noon.
5:30 am
94 at 5:00 with a threat for a few storms. some could be on the heavy side. we'll watch that. anything good -- the air quality, not unhealthy for sensitive groups. it is moderate. that's code yellow. storms this morning, we've seen them up in pennsylvania and ohio. they're sneaking in toward western maryland. live doppler 9000 hd. cumberland in your neighborhood now. you're still 79 degrees. it is 76. 80 on the bay in annapolis. looking at highs today, oh, 90 to 95. we may see a couple of exceptions to either side of that range. but some kind of sticky moving in for today. angie, over to you. hello, everyone. the story continues, the yellow light stays on. we take you live outside to the latest conditions out in silver spring, maryland. this is live from 29 colesville road. police on the scene, not only cars there but we're hearing from officials they don't plan
5:31 am
to clear the scene until 7:00 this morning. use georgia avenue as your alternate. moving over to the maps, we want to focus in on your district drive. we'll take you there. as we take a closer look, no incidents to report. doing a little camera tour though southeast d.c. m street and south capital street. very nice and quiet as drivers make their way out this way. northwest, same situation at constitution and 23rd and happy to report that your trains, we're tracking them and all lines remain on time. a check on 395. that's up at 5:30. back to you. today, british lawmakers are asking news corp.'s ceo rupert mur dob and his son -- murdock and his son for some answers. >> the murdocks will be testifying before an emergency session of parliament about the phone hacking scandal. the head of scotland yard and his deputy have resigned. even prime minister david cameron is under fire. he's a friend and neighbor of former murdock executive rebecca brooks who resigned and
5:32 am
is under criminal investigation. >> at the moment, if he's unable to provide the leadership the country needs -- >> and in another twist, police found one of the first whistle-blowers in the case, sean horr, dead at his home. his death is not considered suspicious. while some have called for murdock himself to step down, he is said to have the support of news corp.'s board members. >> today, there will be even more eyes watching the metropolitan branch trail. one group is springing into action after a series of crimes along that eight-mile path between union station and silver spring. 9news now reporter surae chinn is live in northeast with more on the story. good morning, surae. >> good morning to you, mike. so, imagine this, you're on the trail, you're doing your thing. you're walking, jogging or riding your bike to work and the next thing you know is that you're being held up by gunpoint. those types of scary incidents have been happening right here
5:33 am
in recent months along the metropolitan branch trail. the last one happened yesterday morning around 9:30 a.m. in broad daylight. the gunman told him to put his phones and wallet on the ground. the gunman took the items and demanded the bicyclist to keep on going. there was another incident on friday. that victim was on foot. but there have been more than half a dozen since may. >> i think it is unfortunate because a lot of people like to run here and you know, it shouldn't be a place of danger to go. people in the neighborhood have been doing watches and stuff like that. i'm hoping that will decrease the crime. >> reporter: police have increased patrols both uniform and undercover officers and as you pointed out, guardian angels will now be patrolling starting this morning at 6:00. in less than half an hour, they should be showing their presence to hopefully deter crime from happening on the
5:34 am
trail. mike? >> thank you, surae live in northeast d.c. this morning. d.c. police are investigating an early morning murder in northwest. officers found a man with a gunshot wound to the head just after 3:00 a.m. they say the shooting happened in the 900 block of randolph street near georgia avenue. the victim died before he could be taken to the hospital. police have not released any information about possible suspects in this case or even a moi. the district's new pay by phone parking system may have some glitches to work out. parking enforcement officers use hand-held devices which identify vehicles which paid using the phone system. however, at times, the devices don't update. in other cases, some payments simply never show up. ddot says this happens less than 1% of the time. they're working to improve the system but they recommend customers preregister with the system before heading out on the road. well, there seems to be a new problem stemming with d.c. mayor vincent gray's election campaign. "the washington post" is reporting its review of city
5:35 am
records shows the gray campaign workers improperly exchanged cash donations for money orders. there is a higher maximum donation in the amount of money orders than for cash. legally, a contributor can choose what kind of donation they make but the candidate's campaign staff is not allowed to change it. >> at 5:35, it is time for another "your money" report. >> jessica is back talking about one of her favorite subjects, gold. >> it is so pretty and shiny and expensive. how expensive is it? >> how expensive is it? >> thank you very much. gold is so expensive, it has hit a new all-time high. it has broken the $1600 an ounce record. investors have been buying the precious metal since july 12th. concerns over the banking situation in europe and the debate on whether to raise the debt ceiling in the u.s. has kept the demand for gold high. it is oftentimes viewed as a safe haven investment. network equipment maker cisco systems is laying off 6500
5:36 am
employees or about 9% of its work force. it is following up plan announced in may to eliminate thousands of jobs in an effort to cut cost and raise profits. about a third are taking an early retirement. you think d.c. is expensive when it comes to parking? well, drivers in midtown manhattan pay as much as $40 an hour! to park. yeah! in chicago, it is $28 an hour. that's still stings. in boston, $26. l.a., $25. here in the little old u.s. capital, the most expensive hourly rate to park is $12. still though well above the national average of about $9 to park. >> $40 an hour? >> yes. i have a friend who used to pay $700 a month for parking space. in battery park city. >> if you don't feed the meter, it cost. >> lot you. -- it costs you a lot more! >> oh, my goodness. thank you, jess. staying home. >> well, today, you'll be able
5:37 am
to view rare images from the civil war right on your computer. we'll have details coming up. >> if you would like to see some civil war history in person and newly renovated museum, has just reopened.
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5:39 am
>> lightning south of pittsburgh. looking at our day planner, hot and sticky. 91 by noon. 94 by 5:00 you've got outdoor plans, you try to get it out of the way. we could have a few strong thunderstorms. we'll talk 7-day heat when i see you next. angie goff talking traffic. >> all right, thank you, howard. we're taking a look at 395 headed northbound. so far, so good. we're moving at speed from the beltway to shirlington. still ahead, a check on your roads around the region with our special guest traffic reporter. stay tuned. that's up at 5:48. mike, over to you. the african-american civil
5:40 am
war museum has reopened along the u street corridor. the ribbon cutting took place monday. the new space, seven times bigger than the old museum site. it has $5 million worth of exhibitions now, too. part of u street was a military compound in the civil war and the museum honors more than 209,000 african-american soldiers who fought in it. >> some early images are going online today. the museum of the confederacy will post 31 paintings by conrad white chaplain. he was a confederate soldier stationed in charleston, south carolina. his most famous painting of the h. l. hunley two months before the hand-cranked submarine became the first sub in history to sink an enemy warship. time for another look at the question of the morning now. >> it is this food can be found in 90% of the homes in america. we say it is in our home. is it a, ice cream. b, potato chips or c, frozen pizza. >> one of our facebook friends
5:41 am
wrote i have all of them in my fridge. b, just a blind guess. log on to the and leave your response. we'll reveal the answer later this morning in our 6:00 hour. >> we'll introduce you to one of the fastest painters around. that's coming up. >> plus, the extreme heat in the middle of the country as man and beast alike looking for ways to cool off. >> before we head to break, let's see who's celebrating a birthday today. george mcgovern turns 89. you can thank him for the song we will rock you! queen, lead guitarist brian may is 64. >> he co-starred on e.r. and top gun, anthony edwards is 49. a special happy birthday to our 6:00 producer, dan guzman. we'll be right back.
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best time to get out if you want to go for an early morning run because it is humid already. >> 80. >> the humidity will drop. the temperature is going to rise. the heat index values are going to be pushing 100 later on today. air temperatures will be pushing 95. there is a threat for some strong thunderstorms as well. >> it won't cool us down though. >> we'll be hurting here temperaturewise for the next several days. by the time we get toward thursday, friday and saturday, we'll see maybe some triple digits around the region. all three days. >> yeah. be that sort of bad heat moving in. here's the day planner on this tuesday. with mostly cloudy skies this morning. 84 degrees by 9:00. 80 now. we've got a high jumping point. 89 by 11:00 threat for some scattered thunderstorms to pop up.
5:46 am
temperatures will make it toward 95. winds northwest to westerly, 5 to 10 miles per hour. any storms that pop up, heavy rain. potentially gusty winds could be a problem. this morning, we're seeing the lightning out south of pittsburgh down 79. rains have moved in toward parts of west virginia. here's live doppler 9000 hd, i've zoomed it in toward western maryland. cumberland seeing moderate to heavy rains toward western and northwestern portions of allegheny county. this will slide down 220. kaiser, romney, this holds together, you'll get some rain this morning. looks like the thunder will hold off out to the west of maryland. garrett county seeing rain. paw paw seeing some rain. this could split out toward parts of the shenandoah valley. with the rain, oakland is 68. 73 at the tappahannock airport. here in town, we've got a balmy, sultry, steamy 80 feeling like 83 already with the heat index thanks to the fact that the dew point sits at
5:47 am
70. you ever been to new orleans or houston in august, this is what it feels like. if you haven't, this is still what it feels like. the northwest flow is kicking in. any disturbances from michigan and ohio all tend to dive off toward the south and east. that's what we're watching this morning. as this will continue to move to the south and east. some will fall apart by noon. this afternoon, new stuff will pop. scattered about. you see it here, there, everywhere. we'll all be watching the skies later this afternoon for potentially strong thunderstorms. quiet tonight. tomorrow, we'll pop up a few more storms with the daytime heating. and with the heat, we'll be dealing with, it is only going to get worse as we head toward thursday and friday with a threat for storms mainly in the mountains trying to pop up into thursday. rain chances go down and the heat will be a big problem. with this heat wave moving in, a couple of things to keep in mind. please try to keep yourself hydrated. lighter meals will help. limit your time in the sun. you could get some heat-related illnesses pretty quickly.
5:48 am
your pet, your elderly neighbors, take care of them. nothing wrong with checking on somebody. 94 today and tomorrow. the heat builds in thursday near 100. saturday, 100. a chance of storms ahead of the next front. 92 sunday and monday. maybe only 90. boy, i'm lookinged for to that. >> angie and anna beth, over to you. that's right. look who's joining me. our guest traffic reporter, this is anna beth from gaithersburg. she's a rising fifth greater at holton arms school. you want to give a shout out to anybody? >> hi, holton. >> hi, mom and dad. she will help us do the traffic. come on over. we're going to start with our first road. tell me about interstate 270, we're going to go over to the maps. what are we seeing? >> slow at 109 to 121. >> perfect. >> if we take it over to the
5:49 am
outer loop, what's going on there? >> ok, 95 to 270. >> splendid. and what's your next road? >> virginia, 66 is clear. hometown virginia gets a shout out. we'll wrap it up with a look at -- >> 95 is good. >> that's right. no problems. just a little bit of volume building around the prince william parkway. than beth, it has been a pleasure to have you help us do the traffic. what did you want to say? i know you wanted to give a special out to some school friends. >> hi. >> go, panthers, right? >> go panthers. >> coming up, we're going to have a look at some crash activity out in silver spring. mike, that's in my next timesaver traffic report at 6:00. anna beth and angie signing off. here's what's making news this morning. atlantis is orbiting the earth by itself after undocking from the international space station. the crew left behind a u.s. flag which went on the very first shuttle flight back in 1981 as well as a model of the
5:50 am
space shuttle. "atlantis" is due to land before 6:00 a.m. thursday. bringing an end to the 30-year shuttle program. the judge in charge of san francisco's superior court says the civil justice system there is collapsing. the court is laying off more than 40% of its staff and shutting down 25 courtrooms because of california's state budget cuts. judges estimate civil lawsuits could now take five years to resolve. well, the heat is taking its toll economically, in fact at an exotic animal park in oklahoma city. hardly anyone is willing to go in the extreme heat. zoo officials are trying to scrape together enough money to cover the bills. many artists spend weeks, even months, sometimes years completing a work of art. how does two hours sound? artist nancy who is also one of the founders of the event is finishing up a quick draw painting and she's here to tell us more about the 7th annual
5:51 am
plain air festival quick draw event. nancy, thank you very much for being here. as we said, how quick? two hours or less? >> two hours or less. that's correct. >> is that a big draw to the event seeing if people can complete it in two hours? >> well, actually, it is not a hard thing to complete it in two hours for a professional. >> how did the festival come about? >> about seven years ago, we just got the idea, we thought easton would be a fabulous place to have it and it has been. we're now the biggest fun air festival in the country. we have artists from all over the united states including england to compete in this festival. >> you say it is not very hard for a painter to finish something under two hours. >> no. >> we're talking about a caliber of artist that is very good. not paint by numbers doing something like this. >> exactly. >> exactly. >> the painters in this competition have been painting for a long time. >> tell us about the painting you're working on. >> did i this yesterday on a street in oxford, maryland. that i did in about an hour and
5:52 am
15 minutes and now i'll spend another 15 minutes tightening up some areas, making it perfect. i hope. [ laughter ] >> artists are coming in from all over. how many do you expect to take part in the quick draw competition? >> well, we've had up to 200 artists. interesting thing about our quick draw is even though the competition which goes on all week is injured and you have to submit images to get into that, the quick draw is open to anybody. so, anybody in the d.c. baltimore area that would like to come on saturday and compete in the quick draw, come on! show us your stuff. >> what happens to the paintings after they're completed? >> they're for sale. it is a buying frenzy. a lot of them are sold 15 minutes into beginning the painting. somebody will say i'll buy that. >> especially if they know who the artist is. >> what else do you have going on? >> there are demonstrations, in
5:53 am
the museum, over 600 freshly done oil paintings and water colors, pastels for sale and by some of the best plain air paint plein air painters. >> actors are pleading a serious case. >> a new, local spa is offering differing options for those who could use pampering. >> does the color of your car matter when it comes to car insurance? how about your age is this we're doing some mipt busting this morning. that's coming up at 6:07. angie? >> while you await d.c. restaurant week this summer, why not get practice in maryland this week. bethesda and chevy chase are holding their own great deals
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[ kimberly ] and university of phoenix made it possible. hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me!
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saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. coming up on 5:57. want to show you the regional radar with the lightning superposed. this is a massive cluster of thunderstorms. this of the rain is extended into west virginia. this could get parts of the shenandoah valley as well especially if you live south of interstate 66 by 81. i think some will hold together to get toward you. looking at the future cast, temperatures look like they'll be on the warm side. 84 by noon. trying to pop some showers in southern maryland. not so sure this is going to be exactly where they are. they may be more toward culpepper and hagerstown. we'll watch temperatures climb by midday. 91 degrees. this afternoon, approaching 95 with the scattering of some strong thunderstorms which could impact your evening plans. if it is not the heat and
5:58 am
humidity, there may be storms as well. angie, over to you. oh, my goff, some serious star power comes to capitol hill this morning. two well-known actors are in town to push their views on a very serious issue. martin sheen and math you why perry are scheduled to lead a rally in support of drug programs. they say programs will offer alternatives to putting drug users in jail save money and lives. it is in advance of a hearing by the senate judiciary crime subcommittee. oscar winner clint eastwood is taking on a new role, nothing to do with acting. he's the honorary chair of the national law enforcement officer's memorial and museum. eastwood will help raise funds for creating a public service campaign. so far, more than $43 million has been raised for the $80 million museum. the museum is scheduled to be built by the end of 2013. call it a sweet addition for spa seekers in georgetown. nectar skin bar is the latest
5:59 am
spa to open up its doors and celebrated with a private party with d.c.'s style enthusiasts. it is thinking outside of the box with a patio where they're going to do outdoor treatments. also on the menu, an organic sunless tanning treatment. you're going to find a link to my blog at and always taking your story ideas on facebook. >> ever had anything done outside? an interesting concept. >> i'll wait until the fall. >> a little sticky out there. >> thanks for watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm mike hydeck. angie will be back with timesaver traffic. >> we're staying indoors because of the heat. i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein is here to fill us in on how close it is going to feel today. >>


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